Micro Niche Finder Review

After a long time and intense research, finally I have decided to write down a review on Micro Niche Finder Software. The features of this software can be discussed for hours, if not less days. So while reading this review, you will need to be patient because this is going to be a really long review and will cover almost all aspects of Micro Niche Finder.

ThemeShift Review

ThemeShift is a vendor of wordpress blog themes. It offers quality wordpress themes with different sort of styling and designs. Here in this review we will take a look at all the features of ThemeShift themes and all the types of themes which are offered by this vendor.

Popup Domination Review

Popup Domination is a premium wordpress plugin used primarily by Internet Marketers. This plugin helps a webmaster in building an email list on autopilot. Here in this review we will checkout all the features, advantages and disadvantages of using Popup Domination.

How to Optimize Titles for SEO

Titles of a webpage is the first characterstic of your website that is seen by the site’s visitor. The titles must be effective so that your website visitors get a clear understanding of what that webpage belongs to. Titles also play a significant role in Search engine optimization. As search engines are built for human beings, they see Titles as the most important part of your webpage, if possible your entire website.

Is Website Speed Important for SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique that relies upon content and backlinks to push a website higher is search engines. This is due to the fact that search engines usually consider these among the few factors for ranking any page in SERP. But are there any hidden characteristics of websites that search engine take into account while ranking them?

Why Google Penalizes a Website?

Google, as we all know has a very bad reputation of bringing in algorithm updates when they are least expected. No SEO practitioner in this world can ever tell you about the best way you can beat Google Algorithm updates but you can certainly note down some points that Google will definitely look to penalize a website.

Overcome Exact Match Domain Penalty

Google has always used exact match domains to determine which websites suites better for a keyword. But with Penguin update or other versions of Panda algorithm update, Google has cleared a fact that it is no longer using exact match domains as a ranking factor.

Socrates Theme Setup Tutorials

Socrates theme contain plenty of features and as you know that I am a big fan of Socrates Theme, here comes another installment in this entire series. Here I have tried to write down some tutorials related to Socrates Theme which you will find really useful.

Socrates Theme Review

Socrates Theme is one of the best wordpress themes for Affiliate and Internet Marketers. People who are involved in Online Businesses often complain about them using the same old free to download wordpress themes to run there Internet Marketing blogs. The Socrates theme is perfectly made for those who need a framework which is well suited for the niche of Internet Marketing.

iThemes Flexx Theme Review

Flexx Theme from ithemes is one of the most successful themes used by bloggers and web developers around the globe. Be prepared to witness the power of flexx theme with this awesome 5000 word review about this powerful framework. But before we begin lets note down some details about Flexx Theme.

Review Websites – The Complete Guide

How to Start a Review Website?

In order to start a review website, it is necessary to first hire a web developer to design the entire website. But many times the scenario is different. You can use already created open source frameworks like WordPress to develop your review site or blog on your own. Here in this article we will refer to some resources that are necessary for anyone in need of establishing a review website.

Review of Best WordPress Plugins

SEO Friendly Images

Many people don’t know that Images can also be SEO Optimized. These images can also send a lot of traffic via Search engines. Haven’t you seen that Image link on the Home page of Google? It allows you search for images on the web. If you have properly optimized your images then you may also get a lot of traffic via image search.

SEOPressor Review

SEOPressor is undoubtedly one of the most used and effective SEO plugin of WordPress. But there always have been a lot of misconception going around the usage and effectiveness of SEOPressor. It might be possible that SEOPressor may prove useful to one person and not to another. In which category do you reside, whether SEOPressor is for you or not? Before you buy this premium SEO plugin, I personally recommend that you must devote few minutes of your life in reading this lengthy review. It may be tiresome for some to read such a long review but “better late than never”.

How to Get Traffic using StumbleUpon

Stumbleupon is a social bookmarking website that is almost equal to digg when it comes in getting traffic as per alexa statistics. Using stumbleupon in getting traffic is one of the most liked methods by bloggers. If you are a blogger and you are in need of some free web traffic, then you must use stumbleupon. A website that is not only a social bookmarking website but it is also a social networking portal. Use it anyways it is capable of sending floods of traffic to your website.

Delicious Traffic Tips

Delicious is a social bookmarking website that works on tags. It is the most favorite social bookmarking website of new blogger who want a big stream of website visitors for their blogs. Delicious receives a lot of traffic world wide as per alexa statistics. Using delicious in web traffic strategy is useful primarily for bloggers who are keen to writing new as well as useful content. Delicious also attracts people who are either non technical or non blogger, because it is not merely a source of traffic, it is a useful website for all. If used properly delicious can become a major and permanent source of traffic for any blog or website. Delicious also provides toolbars and web browser addons, that make it easy for delicious users to bookmark their activities on web. Delicious is very simple to use. All you need in order to use delicious is to add and explore tags. Any article, video or image that you like on the internet, just go ahead and bookmark it, add tags to it if you want. Adding tags to your bookmarks in delicious makes it easy to organize and explore. Let’s take a look on how delicious work-

How to Get Traffic from Twitter

Twitter is a micro blogging website which is in the top 10 websites of the world in receiving traffic as per alexa rankings. It works on the basic concept of going viral with updates. In twitter whenever you follow someone, you receive updates from them in the form of 140 character tweets. Twitter impose a limitation of 140 characters, because according to twitter whenever you are saying something it is just an update. You are also allowed to embed a link in your tweet whenever required. People like to shorten their URL’s with URL shortner services like bit.ly before tweeting them, because a long URL will consume more space in that 140 character tweet. Now lets discuss about some strategies you can use to get free traffic for your website from twitter.

How to Get Traffic from Facebook

Facebook is the number one social networking website in the world. Facebook is right now the second website in the world in receiving traffic according to Alexa traffic statistics. It gets millions of hits every single day. Without any doubts you can completely use facebook to get some traffic for your website. There are basically 2 methods to get free web traffic for your website using facebook. Lets discuss them –

Get YouTube Traffic

YouTube is the world’s top video sharing website. It is the 3rd website in the world in receiving traffic according to alexa. Any traffic that you will get from YouTube will be only from those people who watch your videos. You must focus on converting your video viewers as your website visitors. There are not many strategies available on how to get traffic from YouTube, but whatever are available, are listed below.

Headway Theme Review

Headway is a premium WordPress Framework which allows a user to create themes in different styles and layouts for a wordpress powered blog. Headway is undoubtedly one of the most used Theme Frameworks for wordpress along with Thesis, Catalyst, Genesis and Pagelines Pro. Here in this review of Headway Theme we will understand all the features available in the framework itself.

How to Get Traffic from Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking websites like digg, stumbleupon, reddit or delicious can be used by people to divert internet traffic to their own websites or blogs. Social media traffic is one of the most favored source of traffic online today. Social Networking sites are on the top in the list of traffic hungry people, but social bookmarking websites give a different meaning to the term social media. Bookmarking links across the web at a centralized location and letting people review or tag it, is all together a different experience.

Sitemap Usage in SEO

Sitemap is the collections of all links of a website at a particular page. They are created either in XML or in HTML, both of which have different meanings and usage. They are the first and foremost tool to optimize a blog or website in a Search Engines. In this post we will discuss how a Sitemap helps in ranking a webpage or website better in Search Engines like Google.

How Search Engines see your Website

Whenever Search Engine Spiders crawl over your website, they don’t see your website or your blog like a human, their eyes are very different from yours. Search Engine Crawlers are basically a software that runs on its own automatically. Because it is a program, it cannot identify images, graphics or videos, So it works on text.

HTML Tags for SEO – Planning and Setup Guide

HTML Head tags are the basic foundations of On-Page Optimization. Whether you are optimizing your website for Google, Yahoo, Ask.com or Bing – HTML head tags are very important in every SEO strategy. Tools like sitemap, robots.txt or .htaccess are also very good SEO optimizers but they also work upon HTML Head Tags and even their existence is dependent upon HTML Header Tags.

Backlink Building Strategies – PageRank Distribution

Backlinks or incoming links to any website can improve the entire SEO strategy implemented in order to gain maximum search engine exposure. Crawlers look for these links in order to calculate the overall authority of any website or a single webpage. Search Engine algorithms have been found having keen interest in knowing the number and quality of Backlinks to any website.

Best Website Traffic Sources – Review and Strategies

Getting web traffic from internet is a major prerequisite for any website to work. Without it, a website won’t be able to survive. Irrespective of the concept on which a website works, without visitors it is nothing. There are many ways and strategies which will allow you to get free visitors to your site. These methods may be divided into offline and online. The offline methods are the least used because they are not very productive. On the other hand online methods are mostly preferred. In this article we will be discussing mostly about the online methods. So just relax and look forward to a great ride.